Sara, 19 years old.
I feel too much, love too easily and have high hopes. Please excuse my mood swings and enjoy the pretty things :)
"Life is an ugly, awful place not to have a best friend" - S. Dessen
13. July 2014

Every time I try to start a post, I go blank. I鈥檒l have an idea, but by the time I sit down and start to write it out, I feel鈥tuck.聽

There鈥檚 a lot going on in my head these days.聽

  • I feel like an outsider amongst my Malaysian relatives
  • I鈥檓 not sure if I鈥檓 going to Bangkok anymore, and that means letting people down, as usual
  • I鈥檓 scared to write about what I truly want to write about; I fear鈥

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